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A Year in the Life of the Town Mayor at Llantwit Major. Every year each Council Choose their Mayor to Hold office for One year.

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Location: Llantwit Major, Wales, United Kingdom

I live in Llantwit Major with my two Children Jessica aged 11 years and Laura aged 10 years, I am President of the Twining Organstion. Chairman of Planing, Chairman of Youth Forum, Chairman of School Gardens Commitee, Chairman of the Citzens Awards, Chairman of the Stillbirth and Childrens memorial Garden, Vice Chairman of S.M.I.L.E, Trustee of Crossroads in the Vale.

Monday, November 13, 2006

AGM of the Llantwit Major Town Twining

As President of the Town Twining Committee I was invited to Conduct part of the AGM and Election of Officers and Committee members. which are as follows.

Cllr Russell Downe Mayor of Llantwit Major, President.
Diane Smith Chairperson
Leslie Beckwith Vice-Chairman
Helen Sharp Secretary
Jack Sharp Treasurer
Barbara Hodges Minute Secretary
Ann Matthews Town Council Representative
Dave Lane " " "
Mike Smith Press Officer

Tony Bennett
Ann Brinsdon
Sheila Brown
Janet Farthing
Angela Hawkins
Adrian Helmore
Ros Martin-Jones
Pat Walker
Bill Whitelegg
Eileen Whitelegg

History of the Twining
In Spring 1981 a request was received by the Llantwit Major Town Council to consider twinning with the Breton town of Le Pouliguen. Le Pouliguen was already twinned with a German town, Kisslegg im Allgau but they were anxious to find a British town to revive the ancient Celtic ties of centuries ago. Llantwit with it's Celtic connections dating back to St Illtyd seemed an ideal choice.
Lengthy discussions took place in Llantwit and in summer 1981each town sent small delegations to visit each other led by their respective Mayors. In the autumn the newly formed steering committee of the Llantwit Major Town Twinning Association, together with the Franco-British Twinning Committee started planning the inaugural twinning visits and official signing of the twinning charter.
57 people took part in the initial visit, including the Mayor and councillors, representatives of local organisations and pupils from the Comprehensive School. A warm welcome awaited, followed by 5 memorable days during which the first of the two identical charters was signed in Le Pouliguen on Sunday 4th April 1982. Shortly after the return home of the Llantwit party, 75 Bretons arrived and on Monday 12th April 1982 the second of the charters was signed.
The charters, historic documents drawn up by both committees and beautifully made by a craftsman in Nantes are inscribed in four languages, English, French, Welsh and Breton. The charters were signed by the two Mayors, Cllr Don Hardie and Dr Felix Monville and the Clerk to Llantwit Major Council, Mr Eddie Lloyd and Mme Dannielle Touzalin, Vice President of the Le Pouliguen Twinning Committee.
In an exchange of gifts Llantwit Major presented Le Pouliguen with a brass miner's lamp with a lump of coal mounted on a wooden plaque. Le Pouliguen presented Llantwit with a model of a Breton lobster boat.
On 22nd October 1982 the first AGM of the association was held and the first committee proper was elected. Since then alternate biennial visits have taken place with special celebrations for the 10th and 20th anniversaries. Exchanges and visits have included Llanilltud Fawr Comprehensive School, Life Guards, Choirs, Sporting Clubs, and many private visits. There have been many memorable occasions including the Llantwit coach breaking down en route to Le Pouliguen and the Le Pouliguen coach being stolen by a joy rider in Llantwit! Visits to castles, zoos, salt marshes, the Millennium Stadium, the Airbus factory ,boat trips, picnics, shopping and even to a water purification plant!
The association has a thriving social and fund raising programme, which has included dances, wine tastings, Bastille day celebrations, participation in the Victorian Fair Day and Flower Festival, Jumble Sales, Coffee Mornings, Quizzes and many other events. The association goes on from strength to strength and is always anxious to welcome new members.


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