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I live in Llantwit Major with my two Children Jessica aged 11 years and Laura aged 10 years, I am President of the Twining Organstion. Chairman of Planing, Chairman of Youth Forum, Chairman of School Gardens Commitee, Chairman of the Citzens Awards, Chairman of the Stillbirth and Childrens memorial Garden, Vice Chairman of S.M.I.L.E, Trustee of Crossroads in the Vale.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Le Pouliguen Twin Town Visit

I was delighted to visit our twin town of Le Pouliguen in southern Brittany with the Llantwit Major Twinning Association a few weeks ago along with Cllr Ann Mathews whom accompanied me.
The committee that organised the five day trip put a lot of hard work into arranging the programme, and I would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication, and also the members that came along for looking after me and making my trip most enjoyable.
When we arrived Cllr Michel Breton President of their twining association met us along with our hosts whom took us under their wings and showered us with French culture. My host was Deputy Mayor of Le Pouliguen Cllr Elisabeth Loday wife of Yves Loday, Olympic gold medallist and a French sailing super-star.

On arrival we were honoured by a welcoming reception were The Mayor of Le Pouliguen Christian Canonne and myself exchanged gifts. And we both gave speeches, I delivered my mine in French, having had a French lesson on the coach down with the Chairperson Diane Smith, I am told it was fine and everyone managed to understand it.
The week was packed with social activities and day trips including a visit to the historic citadel of Port Louis near Lorient. And am proud to say that Llantwit Major won the annual completion again this year, Last year it was wine tasting, this year was at cooking Crepes (French Pancakes).
The week ended with dinner-dance held in a local hotel. Which was extremely well attended, With Dr Peter Thomas whom turned 86 while we were there out dancing us all till the early hours. (It’s that secret herbal remedy he has)
The Twinning Association is very successful within the town, and is always putting on different themed events and are always on the look out to welcome new member to join them.
The next event is on 14th October Buffet, Entertainment and Dancing to Sounds Familiar, Llantilltud Fawr Primary School. Tickets £10.00, If anyone is interested in attending contact me at the Town Hall and I will put you in touch with them.


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